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Be excited. Be be excited. (x-posted)

I couldn't sleep, so I watched it tonight for the first time in in too long. It's a film that consistantly takes my heart, butters it up, shows me hope, then rips it out and stomps on it wth spiked boots before really going to work on it. Emotionally the story, inverted character arcs and all, is flawlessly told. The way we see the protaginists changed over the course of nine months is incredible. The fast-faced editing keeps the viewer transfixed on the screen in what's a perfect compliment to Selby's no-breaks writing style. It is a movie I dearly, dearly love.

Perhaps due to what I've learned in film school since watching it last, I was especially amazed tonight by the technical side of Requiem. The editing, cinematography, mese en scene, sets, lighting, music... everything about it fits, and everything serves a purpose. Need to show the sudden distance between Harry and Marion after she asks her shrink for money? Shoot them on oposite sides of the couch with the wall behind them making a clear line between the two. Harry just realized his mom's on drugs? Turn the camera to highlight the dark side of their faces. Want to show that Tyrone's stir crazy and Harry's in excrusiating pain? Shake the picture - the entire reality of the movie - so much it'll scare the projectionst who hasn't see it before.

Aronofsky needs to make more movies. The Fountain cannot come soon enough.

Another side effect of watching this one: bitterness at the lack of recognition. Sure, Julia Roberts is more popular/well-known than Ellen Burstyn (although how anyne who had actually seen both movies could vote for Roberts is beyond me), but not getting nominated for anything else, especially editing or cinematography, baffles me. I know, five years ago and I should let it go, but I still let it bug me (just a little, mind you).

Also, Jared Leto and Marlon Wayans: You can make good movies. Really, you can. The proof is there. I'm especially looking at you, Mr. Marlon "White Chicks" Wayans.
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